At a 'book signing' for Walking Over Eggshells

At a ‘book signing’ for Walking Over Eggshells

Thank you for visiting my author website. On my Author page, you will find out about me and a little of the life that provided me with the experiences to write my books.

My Books page contains not only my published creative writing but also live links to enable you to sample and perhaps buy into my brand. If you have an interest in media, or in the mysteries of the Dark Continent I am sure you will find something to capture your imagination.

My News and Reviews pages are dedicated to keeping my readers and visitors up to date with my book promotions and my ongoing projects. You will also find featured a selection of excerpts from reader reviews of my books.

There is a comment box at the base of each page which you can use to leave an opinion or a message. If you are a regular user of social networks you will find a list of my social network contacts on my Contacts page.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit, and I appreciate all feedback.

Thank you,


I am sending out a newsletter once a month with news of promos, views, and introduction to other authors. Subscribers can also get free downloads of the back stories to the Amie series.

Click on this link to sign up    http://eepurl.com/c-GqWr

This is the link to an author interview I gave in 2016 on Tell Me a Story.

Author Lucinda E Clarke on Tell Me a Story



I know this should really go in the NEWS section, but I wanted to share with you on the front page that both Walking over Eggshells and Amie African Adventure were finalists in the IAN Awards 2017 AND Amie book 1 was a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards 2017. So very thrilled, and so unexpected.


     I was both amazed and pleased to receive 2 more awards in February from 2017 NEW APPLE AWARDS MEDAL AMedal1000x1000the 2017 New Apple Awards: The solo medal award – for Unhappily Ever After in the humour category and another solo medal award for Amie: Stolen Future in the action/adventure category. A huge thank you to the judges.


49 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nice site.

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  2. Looking good Lucinda, and it’s early days so I think you’ll go from strength to strength.


  3. Looking good Lucinda, and you will go from strength to strength as your website is visited.

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  4. Great books that reveal a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in modern Africa. A source of valuable insight into how southern Africa has changed and is evolving in the modern era. Recommended reading.

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  5. My sibling used their service 10 years back
    and I made the best option utilizing them this year
    for my own big day.

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  6. Sylvia

    I just finished reading “Amie An African Adventure” and “Amie and the Child of Africa.” I enjoyed both books so much and wish there was a 3rd to start. I’m hoping with how the second book ended that you will write another Amie adventure. Loved all the characters and getting a view of life in Africa.

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    • Sylvia thank you so much for writing to tell me you enjoyed the Amie books. Yes there will be another out next year. I have great plans for her. I will email you to let you know when I publish if you like. If you have a spare moment and would like to cut and paste the same words into the Amazon review section that would be brilliant 🙂


      • Sylvia

        Yes, I will definitely write a review for Amazon. Can’t wait till next year to read more of Amie’s adventures.

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  7. Hopefully by September


  8. Virginia Cauthen


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  9. Nice to meet you Lucinda. Just caught your link from Dray.

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  10. The Irish are great travellers 🙂


  11. Mrs A M Warman

    Yes please Lucinda..I am so looking forward to your next book.


    • Angela Walking over Eggshells was my first book, followed by two more memoirs in the Truth, Lies and Propaganda series and I’m now on the fourth book in my fictional Amie series and I also forgot, a satire set in Fairyland. All on Amazon of course 🙂


  12. Congratulations for even being able to set this up, Lucinda. Lol. I admire you, and anything African pulls at my heartstrings, of course.


  13. I always enjoy reading your blogs etc Lucinda. This looks exciting.

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  14. Hello Lucinda. I found you blog through Sally Cronin. Always nice to meet a few South African.


    • Great to connect Robbie – I live in Spain now, but still desperately homesick, so I write books about Africa and while I’m scribbling away I can pretend I’m back there. 🙂


  15. I do not seek friendship with you but I am an unassuming unapologetic Bookworm and Bibliophile just turned 50 in January and just love and Respect Authors nothing more Cheers Richard Marsh Brisbane Australia.

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  16. Clare O'Beara

    Thanks for a very good and informative newsletter. I love being introduced to quality authors.

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    • Clare thank you so much for that, it’s lovely to know that when you fling things out into the ether they land on someone’s mechanical device and are enjoyed 🙂


  17. Susan Jackson

    Love it and can’t wait to read the next Amie installment!!

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  18. Absolutely love your writing, Lucinda, and look forward to your newsletters! I like the fact that you also promote other authors works in your newsletter.

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  19. Patricia Rose

    Well hello there, I am very excited about visiting all your site’s and reading your books. Everything I have read through what other people have written about you and your books have been nothing short of amazing. That’s right there where I want to be. Thank you for the invite and good blessings in all you do.

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  20. I will take a look at your books 🙂

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  21. Anita Labuschagne

    Keep up the good work, nature & animals are very close to my heart.

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  22. Thank you, Anita. There is something very special about the animals in the wild in Africa, they are just so majestic and awe-inspiring.


  23. Hey. Lucinda. Great to find your blog. I’m on my phone now but will come by again on my laptop to have a good read.


  24. Congratulations Lucinda. What a pleasure it was to share the radio show with you on Tuesday. Love your site.


  25. Your cover photo has me hooked. I love giraffes & have a candle holder with a very similar scene. I look forward to some good reading. 🙂


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