Born in Dublin, dragged up in the Cotswolds, matured and finished off in Liverpool. Family not wildly enthusiasticCIMG8978 - Copy about following grandfather into Fleet Street (unfeminine, unreliable and dangerous), so she was packed off to dockland Liverpool to get teaching qualifications (safe, respectable and pensionable).

Lucinda returned south extremely good at self defence. She married and went crofting in Scotland, a disaster, and bred dogs among other things, less of a disaster. She moved to Kenya with 3 week old daughter, abandoned in the bush, then on to Libya, surviving riots, public hangings, imprisoned husband and eventual deportation. Moved to Botswana – still teaching – opened and ran horse riding school with ‘How to…’ book in hand.

Emigrated to South Africa taught for four years, but since 1984, she wrote freelance full time, for major corporations, UNESCO, UNICEF and the SABC for both radio and television. Moving into television production in 1986, she has received over 20 awards, specializing in the fields of education, documentaries, municipal and government.

She has also worked on radio in both Libya and South Africa, had a newspaper column, and was commissioned to write two educational text books. In 1996 she set up her own video production company, and retired to Spain in 2008. Well that was the plan…


16 thoughts on “Author

  1. Well done Lucinda for getting it all down! Upwards and onwards from here on methinks,
    Gabi Plumm

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  2. A fascinating and exciting career and bio here, not to mention an exceptional life you’ve had and are continuing to enjoy…

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  4. A facinating terrifying and wonderful so far life I feel a movie coming on. Danny sent me here without the need of pressure. 😇 I am pleased to make your virtual acquaintance.

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  5. Should it ever happen (just watched a couple of pigs flying by the window) I’ll let you know when the casting is 🙂


  6. gippyhenry7

    Since I rarely get out of Jersey, I can travel through your experiences–it’s wonderful! You have a great knack I notice for being ‘brief’ in some of your writing, like your background information, and yet still the readers get the whole picture. I think that is a great talent in itself. Sometimes I become too wordy and have to spend hours deleting unnecessary words. Thanks for sharing your adventures with your readers, Lucinda!

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    • That’s really kind of you to say so Gippy. I’m always worried I don’t give enough description as writing for TV for so long, I didn’t have to explain the visuals, just write : establishing shot of house – CU of front door – pan round garden etc!


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  8. imprisoned husband!?!

    Hell hath no fury indeed!


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    • Oh yes, it happened twice during the time I was married to him – but not real criminal stuff. He got drunk in Libya (dry country) and ran over a Libyan – not a good idea. 😦


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