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I began writing books after retiring from the broadcasting media - to date 14 in a variety of genres. I am also an avid reader.



In this the third book of the Amie series, our heroine returns to Africa and what she hopes is a quiet and settled life. It is anything but.  One night turns her world upside down and she is left with nothing, nothing at all – yet again.

The difference this time is she has new masters, who are prepared to make her work for their own ends. Amie does not eant to obey, but fears if she does not cooperate they will not hesitate to kill her.


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The second and latest book in the Amie series. Amie only wants a quiet, peaceful life after her terrifying ordeal and her fight for survival. Once again she faces danger when she hears that Angelina, the child she fostered before the civil war may still be alive. She sets out to find her with two friends, one of whom will betray her. Who can she trust?

Another action packed book set against the background of the African bush where danger can come from any direction – from people, the wild life and even the insect population.  Fast moving, there is never a dull moment.   The universal Amazon link for your country.

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