Walking Over Eggshells



Lucinda E Clarke’s autobiography spans sixty years, through eight countries and a wide variety of careers and chaotic situations.

From classroom to television studios, from breeding animals to running the worst riding school in the world, she battled (not very bravely) against all the odds.

She lived in a mansion and on a boat, met royals, political leaders, hosted ambassadors, climbed rubbish dumps and got thrown out of Libya.Throughout her story runs the thread of a mentally abused childhood and the pain of having a mother who could not love her.

An award winning author, Lucinda E Clarke’s life has been a rollercoaster ride from the beginning – and it’s not over yet.

I am thrilled to announce that Walking over Eggshells was awarded a silver medal in the Readers’ Favorite 2016 International Book Awards in the category Nin-Fiction – Inspirational.

Reviewed by Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite  Five Stars

I thought Walking Over Eggshells by Lucinda E. Clarke was an interesting book. In her memoir, Clarke shares a huge part of her life. She has written about her adventures living in different places, her relationship with her verbally abusive mother, and her family life.

Clarke has certainly led an interesting life. While reading Walking Over Eggshells, I had mixed feelings. I went back and forth from being sympathetic to what Clarke was going through to wondering what other people’s points of view on situations that occurred were. I hated Clarke’s mother and did not understand why Clarke kept trying to please her. I also did not understand why people would believe Clarke’s mother’s side of things unless she had some type of proof.

Towards the end of the book I wanted to stand up and cheer because I felt that Clarke finally made a good decision about her home life. After so many years putting up with someone, it took guts to do what she did in South Africa. I do, however, still have some unanswered questions about some things that happened in the book. I am honestly glad that Clarke was finally able to achieve something that she wanted in her life. In the beginning of the book I did not ever think that she would live such an adventurous life. I am glad that I read Walking Over Eggshells because I consider Clarke a strong female role model.


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This is the new award from the Independent Author Network Awards 2017 for First Non Fiction.


2 thoughts on “Walking Over Eggshells

  1. It was a delight to read your book and interview you Lucinda for my book blog: https://thebookowl.com/emotional-abuse/ I am convinced that Walking Over Eggshells is an important book that will bring immeasurable help to many victims of emotional abusive mothers.


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