The newsletter is up and running after I finally worked out how to do it – took the ‘technically challenged me’ a while to learn the quirks, and I’d like to give a huge thank you to Paul Casselle up there in Madrid for walking me through the nightmare of writing a campaign on MailChimp.

Each month I feature two authors – new books – a Reader’s Corner – competitions to win tons of books – promos, the Reader’s Corner (and you too can contribute, just drop me a line)  and the back stories of other characters in the Amie series. Amie’s sister Sam has gone to Spain with her boyfriend Gerry and they have got themselves into all kinds of trouble. Back in Africa, we meet Ben when he was a young man and has just completed his initiation ceremony into manhood.

The first 9 parts of the story are available now and I add another one each month. They are free to download and the link is in the newsletter.

New subscribers can catch up and I offer the first 5 parts backstory free just for reading my introductory email – and, that’s not all, as they say. I offer part 1 of my free book The very Worst Riding School in the World part 1 for free. Part 2, is out now and it is exclusive for my newsletter readers. (sneaky yes?)

You can find out more about the free book on another page.

Here is the link for the sign up which is that annoying back and forth emails to convince some robot you do want to receive it.

October has been quite a month, first Amie African Adventure (book 1) was a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards in the category adventure.

I was thrilled to receive that but then a couple of weeks later the Ian Awards (Independent Author Network) chose Amie as a finalist in the Adventure category and Walking over Eggshells in the First Non-fiction category. Both came as a total but great surprise.


In further news, I am off to Miami Florida to the Readers’ Favorite Awards – a gold Medal for Amie and the Child of Africa and a Silver medal for Amie: Stolen Future. I am so thrilled and surprised too.





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