Unhappily Ever After

I began writing this book in the 1980’s but it was never finished and got stored away under the bed. Almost thirty years later, and 9,000 kilometres later, it was completed and published.

A politically incorrect satire along the lines of Tom Sharpe, Blackadder and Monty Python, it’s a trip back to Fairyland 200 years after that famous ball. You may remember that Cinderella was from the wrong side of the tracks, and she can’t stand the prim and proper King Charming. Divorce seems the only way out, but not if it means a drop in her standard of living.

She’s not the only royal in trouble. Snow White, a real lady, is having a hard time with her philandering husband. She refuses to go where every woman in the kingdom has gone before.

Sleeping Beauty doesn’t have that problem, she’s making up for lost time, producing twenty-eight children –  the family are deeply in debt.

It’s almost time for the Grand Royal Annual Ball (join the initials), with a plethora of princesses and a dearth of princes.

Throw into the mix the Green Giant who has been sent by the Party to rouse the ignorant, but happy peasants to revolt against their royal oppressors, and the stage is set for disaster.


Readers’ favorite reviewer Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite  5 stars

Do the typical fairy tale endings annoy you because you think they are unrealistic? Do you find them too perfect? Then Unhappily Ever After: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups by Lucinda E Clarke might just be the book for you. Nothing is perfect in these fairy tales. Cinderella is a rather unsightly character whose outside looks match her rotten inside. She wants a divorce from Prince Charming, just before the annual ball. But they are not the only couples with problems. Sleeping Beauty is a nymphomaniac and Snow White refuses to let her husband get anywhere close to her. There are schemes to get a princess married to a fake prince, but then real princes turn up and nobody believes them!

I admit I am one of those people who finds the endings of fairy tales annoying because they are so far removed from how relationships really work. There is only very rarely a happily ever after in real life, and Unhappily Ever After: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups by Lucinda E Clarke is a book that shows it. The book continues where the fairy tales stop – the fairy tales do not want you to know what happens after the happy ending. If you have ever wondered whether characters like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty really live happily forever – or wished they would be miserable at some stage – then this novel is for you. It is very entertaining and shows that you do not need happy endings to have a good story. But will an unhappily ever after lead to a happy ending for some? You’ll need to read this to find out. Divorce in fairy land! Who would have thought?

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Unhappily Ever After received a 5 star review from Readers’ Favorite and

was the 2017 New Apple Book Awards Solo Medalist in the Humour category.

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